East Sikkim in winter

Long we wished to have a family trip to East Sikkim in deep winter. East Sikkim has plenty of lakes that are seldom visited by tourists. People commonly confine themselves to Nathula, new Baba Mandir and Tsomgo Lake. While I must say Tsomgo should be categorised as one of the most beautiful and frequently visited lakes in the subcontinent, I should also encourage people to go a little far — just a few km beyond new Baba Mandir, the place is generally worshiped as Baba Mandir.

There’s a lonely road with hidden eyes looking everyone to pass by–our dear friends in army–who might not have even noticed their cheeks moistened while some little kids might be enjoying every bits of the travel with parents aside. Faces of every little ones, someway, might carry them to a dream sequence–a sojourn to his own village–known faces–loved and beloved!

These thoughts will carry you further to Old Baba Mandir–Memencho Lake–and, then Kupup Valley and Kupup Lake. Describing this route is to undermine it.

On the Jelep La route via Tsomgo–Kupup-Jelep La, one can cover it thro’ the circular way once permission is granted. But, the untrodden route to Aritar from that side is as virgin as the eyes of a day old baby!

Aritar is now getting some tourists–mostly from neighbouring places. While I liked the lake for its shape and serenity, I favoured more to have its bird’s eye view from the mound-top view point point. Its a nice place to spend overnight in colder night with full warmth of hospitality of local people.

[ Published under the author’s permission ]

[ Original publication at www.saibarman.wordpress.com on June 07, 2007–the readers are requested to express their comments on the original Blog as mentioned above ]


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