Har Ki Dun

It’s year end, I was thinking of celebrating in a trekking way. In first part of ’06 I had hardly taken any leaves so all that piled up and it gave me an excuse to go for vacations, plus this year I developed the hobby of trekking . Ever since I saw Prashant’s blog of HKD in Feb end , I wanted to do HKD in lots of snow. Normally people do HKD from April-September/October . At the time the greenery of HKD is very enchanting. Have a look here .

Local’s says it is better than Valley of Flower. We have to come in post-monsoon to believe this. Prashant is a brave man , he trekked alone everywhere. But I dont have that courgage so as always I tossed this plan in my office . I got Tarun from Hardware team who is as enthusiastic as me with belive that every things are possible if planned properly. Next thing is to get a good guide . IndiaMike archive helped so much. This is the best forum for trekking in Indian Himalays . The member are so experinced and you will get information on everything like equipments,gears,guides etc. We get a number of guide Chain Singh Rawat who assure us about the trek possibilty in winters. Now we have plan everything (foods, trekking gears etc) . After some reasearch , we brought Jackets, Sleeping bags, gloves, socks,ruck sack etc from Stikage. Then we prepare a master list which contains every useful items. Have look here. Its really handy for us. Accomodation , we talked with guide, he said it will arranged in GMVN all the way to HKD. According to our orignal plan we intend to do Kedarkanta also that require tenting. So we asked guide to rannge for us. Itinerary : This is not what we had planned. Look the master list , but due to weather and other member fallen sick we have to do this.

Courtsey : Stikage
[ Published under the author’s permission ]
[ Original publication at www.chitrang.blogspot.com on February 07, 2007–the readers are requested to express their comments on the original Blog as mentioned above ]

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