A Background

Our last trip (Valley of flower-Hemkund Trek) was a good experience. That was my first trek and I developed a passion for trekking after that.Passion leads to hunt for more trekking options, after googling on trek on himalayan treks and reading experince of trekkers on orkut travellers and trek community I made some really good friends.In our organization those who are passionate for trek and didn’t went for the VoF trek ,repenting and looking for a chance to go for a trek. Then I met Prashant(Almoraboy) somewhere on orkut. He is very motivated trekker. Most of his trek are solo adventure. After reading his blog we select two option Bedni Bugyal or Chopta. Majority opted for Chopta. On 2’nd October we have national holiday and we get a 3 day stretched weekend . Chopta can be covered in this period.
We booked two Innova at a rate of 8.5 Rs/ Km with AC/MP3-VCD player.Finally 11 people were ready for adventure and this time I had some of friends from ST also.

About Destination
Chopta : What to say it’s place in lower garhwal himalays nested with oak forest, alpine meadows and rhodendrons. It can be reached Rishikesh-Deo Prayag-Rudra Prayag – Kund . At Rudra Prayag the road diverges for Badrinath and Kedarnath. One has to take the Kedarnath route. It is even said Mini switzerland of garhwal. Check this .
Tungnath : It is one of the panch kedar. Legends says that after Kurukshetra war, Pandavas felt guilty for killing their cousins for the sake of kingdoms. They then moved to himalays and sought for the blessings of Load Shiva. Lord Shiva is not interested in meeting them they were guilty of gotra hatya (killing their brethren), HE eludes them repeatedly as. Once HE manifest himself as a cow , youngest of pandavas Nakul and Sehdev were expert in calculations. Their calculations said that Lord is somehwere here, at that place only few cows were grazing. Bhima allowed all cows to pass under his leg, knowing that if any one is Lord Shiva, HE wont passed. the same happens, Lord Shiva (disguised as cow) dived into the ground leaving a conical projection (hump of cow ), which is now worshipped at Kedarnath. The remaining parts, the arms appeared at Tunganath, the face at Rudranath, the belly at Madmaheshwar & his locks at Kalpeshwar and together they constitute panch kedar. Pandavs were unable to saw glimpse of Lord Shiva face, which apeared at PashuPatiNath in Kathmandu, Nepal. Kedarnath is also of the 12 jyotirling. Tung means ‘highest’, Tungnath is at the highest altitude of all 5 kedars but ironcally it is easiest to reach.
Chandrashilla:  Legend has it that Goddess Chandrama (Moon) had spent a long time here in penance. It is a 360-degree view from the top, and to the north, a great section of the Himalayas are visible. Chaukambha, Banderpoonch, Kedarnath, Nandadevi, Sudarshan Panat, Gangotri, Neelkanth and several other peaks are visible.

Deoria Tal:  A lake situated at an altitude of 3200 mts. Legends says its the same lake where Yaksha ask question from Pandavas . One can see the reflection of Chaukhamba peaks on a bright sunny day.

Disclaimer : All the above mytholigical stories are been taken from internet. Any error in the trueness of the same is regretted .You can post comment and I will update accordingly.

As we have only 3 days , the trip is going to hectic .

Day 1 : Noida – Haridwar-Rishikesh-Muni-ki-Reti

Day 2 : Muni ki Reti -Deo Prayag -Sri Nagar -Rudraprayag – Chopta

Day 3 : Chopta-Deoria Tal-Chopta-Tungnath

Day 4 :Tungnath – Chandrashilla – Tungnath- Chopta – Noida

Accomodation arrangements at Chopta:
Negi:09411387925..he has 3 wooden rooms with basic amenities…his brother is in Sari village(Deoria Tal trek starts here)..u can stay here or in Deoria Tal..he will arrange all.

[ Published under the author’s permission ]
[ Original publication at on October 05, 2006–the readers are requested to express their comments on the original Blog as mentioned above ]

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  1. Very good information.


  2. Beautiful narration of this v less known area. Like you, i also got interested of this area after doing a valley of flowers, hemkund trek. I am also interested in covering Kedarnath and Vasukital. How will you advice going about seeing all these places including Chopta, Tungnath and Chandrashilla?


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