Tapovan–The heaven in the earth !

The abode of peace that offered its tranquil silence to the meditative soul of Bhagirah to seek for penitence of hundreds of thousands sons of Kinga Sagara; the ingenious dreamland of all-encompassing sense that fills in itself with musical footsteps of gods; the vista that presents the confluence of diverse streams of philosophical pursuits of spiritualism of India; such heavenly world is “Tapovan”.

The heart cannot sense how silently a gentle breeze of peace creeps deep within into while in journey moves on touching sacred places like Uttarkashi, Harsil and Gangotri.

 The swirling path that traverses through verdant green of Chirabasa leaves only a few witnessing wanderers and the holy river Ganges to stare alone. Proceeding along, the trail presents imagery of glorious presence of Sudarshan, Manda peaks upon vast blue expanse of sky and it finally unfolds a relaxing cradle—Goumukh—tenderly comforted in white apparel of Bhagirathi sisters.

Mystifying colours of glaciers and a distant melodious tune of some divine flute inspire an inexplicable rhythm to embrace eyes, soul and the being into harmony; and, its rewards with all-pervading calmness to forget about strain of the steep ascent as if someone heaves with some invisible strings.

Upon the vales, clouds whisper and their emotive expressions create newer and newer tunes, which echo around in waves of some sacred melody. Such absolute peace pervades with sacred touch of blessings from the Shivlinga and Meru, Jogin and Bhagirathi sisters stare on mutedly upon His profound love for the nature. The world blushes in supreme radiance; its holiness washes out sins of whole life and it flows down to the earth following sanctified stream of Akashganga.


[ Published under the author’s permission ]

[ Original publication at www.saibarman.wordpress.com on June 16, 2008–the readers are requested to express their comments on the original Blog as mentioned above ]


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