About the contributors

1.          Barmans

Friends, here are Barmans…Saibal & Lopamudra….from West Bengal.  Exploring our sweet homeland is our passion.

Blog address 1   :  www.saibarman.wordpress.com

Blog address 2   :  www.saibarman.blogspot.com

Photo album      :  www.flickr.com/photos/lopamudrabarman

Email address   :  saibarman@gmail.com

Contributions    :   Nachiketa Tal, Kedarnath-Tunganath, East Sikkim, Tri-Kedar, Tapovan, Nandikund, Kedartal

2.          Him-Pathik

Artist and Adventurer at heart- Love things pretty, arty, musical. The adventurer within prowls the mountains, seeks the wildness (per se..and in personalities)and flirts with danger. Intensely passionate about what I do. Easy to laugh…yet those moments of absolute solitude that I need. Would give anything to realise that dream of writing travel memoirs sitting in my little farm and hut in the midst of the mighty mountains.

Blog address    :  www.snowscapes.blogspot.com

Email address  :

Contributions   :   Pindari, Kailash Mansarovar, Roopkund, Bhagirathi-Tapovan, Gangotri-Tapovan, Balipass, Kedartal, Saptarshi Kund, Dhumdharkandi Pass, Twin Trek (Lamkhaga Pass), Twin Trek (Nalgan Pass)


3.          Chitrang

Friends, here is Chitrang…..

Blog Address   :  www.chitrang.blogspot.com

Contributions  :   Harkidun, Chota-Tungnath-Chandrashilla, Valley of Flowers, Pindari 


4.           Anand Venkat

Friends, here is Anand Venkat from Mumbai.
Avid Trekker.Love to explore unexplored places. Always admire and respect Mother Nature’s harsh but astounding beauty. Hoping to venture deep into the unknown wilderness to bring back sweet memories so that I can add value to ‘Wandering Souls’.

Blog address 1  :  www.a-n-a-n-d.blogspot.com

Blog address 2  :  www.kailashmanasarovaryatra.blogspot.com

Photo album     :  www.flickr.com/photos/anandvenkat

Email address  :  anand2286@yahoo.com

Contributions   :  Kailash Mansarovar, Part 1Kailash Mansarovar, Part 2Kailash Mansarovar, Part 3,  Kailash Mansarovar, Part 4Kailash Mansarovar, Part 5, Chandra Tal ( The Moon Lake ), Jog Falls, Triund and Laka, Valley of Flowers,




5.           Sanjay Kumar

Friends, I always end up with struggling for words when some one asks me about myself. Simply because I am still discovering myself, and as I turn each year I find I have changed… So anything I write today may not hold true for long. Suffice it to say that I am just another fellow human sharing this time space with you all…

Here are the hard facts : Male/39/Single/Kolkata/Semi-retired (read that as out of job & wondering whether to get back to one)

Blog address    :  www.sk-footloose.blogspot.com

Email address  :  sanjaykumar9@gmail.com

Contributions   :  Goumukh–Tapovan


6.           Charanik

Friends, here is Charanik !


Blog address    :  http://charanik.wordpress.com

Email address  :  cchakrabarti@gmail.com

Contributions   :  Hee Gaon, Neora Valley, Satopanth Tal, Kalindi Khal, Gangasagar, Rudranath, Chuikhim


7.           Celine JS

From India, cosmopolitan, a citizen of this world, I’m temporarily residing in Kuwait. My hobbies include photography, music, reading, writing and poetry. I like meeting new people and learning about new cultures. I enjoy nature, wildlife, adventure and am fond of travelling. I love the Himalayas. 

Blog address    :  http://indicaspecies.blogspot.com/

Email address  :  Link at blog profile

Contributions   :  VOF: Introduction, VOF: Reaching Govindghat, VOF: The Approach, VOF: A day in the valley


5 Responses

  1. Nice blog … for the trek lovers.
    Congrats….and keep it up


  2. Thanks, Samit…you too can contribute, if you wish so…


  3. excellent pictures and loads of them, keep the good blog going and the treks walked up on


  4. A great Initiative!


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