The Readers’ Arcade !

Dear Readers,


You are cordially requested to express your feelings about our efforts in a few words…

Suggestions, if any, on improving this blog will be appreciated and honoured…

Please do introduce yourself to the travel world and share link(s) to your blog/website for being in touch…

It would be of much pleasure for us if you consider to contribute any post of your choice from your individual travel blog for reproduction here, please feel free to write to us

This site has been launched to create space for wider information sharing by the travel writers about India and our effort is purely non-commercial without any sort of assistance or promotion support of either any organisation or any individual in any manner except the usage of blog platform of the WordPress… 

We wish that you leave your suggestions through poll button also for making this platform more useful..

Best wishes,

Wandering souls…..




One Response

  1. The home page takes ages in loading. You should use more tags in writing and show only 5-6 posts on home page!

    We [JNU students] going soon for Dhundharkandi pass. I will document it on


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